New Guides: Supporting Social Work in the Courts


Following approaches by members of the Social Work profession, we are in the process of developing a range of guides and tools to support social workers in their report writing and court work.

These guides are primarily intended to support social workers employed by Local Authorities, albeit may interest Independent Social Workers and others.

Section 7 Reporting

While some Local Authorities provide in-depth guidance for their staff, it became apparent others provide little or no support in the area of case analysis, report writing and court attendance and particularly in the area of Section 7 reporting in private family law proceedings. When Local Authorities have previously been involved with families who become involved in private family law proceedings, the Local Authority rather than CAFCASS or the Welsh Service may be asked to produce a Section 7 Welfare Report. Unlike public family law proceedings, the reporting officer will not be legally represented and may struggle to get advice from the council’s solicitor. Continue reading New Guides: Supporting Social Work in the Courts


Freepacks and Downloadable Content


Four ‘freepacks’ are back up on our site, and with content available to download now:

  • Mediation – Including our guide, the National Mediation Council’s leaflet on mediation and form FM1
  • Dyslexia and Family Court – Including our guide and checklist of reasonable adjustments
  • Paternity Testing – Including our guide on paternity testing and court forms
  • Stress and Wellbeing – Including our guides on Managing Stress and Helping Children Cope

We offer 100 free online guides as well as court forms, draft court orders and case law which form part of our family law app. This content runs to over 1.5million words. Over 100 court judgments are included, and formatted as pdf files for download and printing.

We’ve 7 online family law quizzes currently available, and three can be downloaded for training purposes (including both questions and answers):


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The primary purpose of The Custody Minefield is to make family law accessible to separating parents in England and Wales. We’ve been doing this since 2006 when our first book The Custody Minefield was published. The Magistrates Magazine recommended it to ‘any separating parent’ and the Divisional Chair of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy described it as a ‘gem of information’. Continue reading Have you tried our guides? 1.5million words of content… free


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Our Family Law App contains 1.5million words of family law guides, support tools, case law and more. Court forms, tips, your questions answered, draft court orders… easy to use, it’s simple to find information, and delivers incredibly detailed content. Continue reading Embed our Family Law App on Your Site