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Welcome to our Family Law Quiz page. You’ll find quizzes for all levels. From those new to family law to legal advisers who want to test their knowledge. Answers are given at the end. The quizzes are intended to highlight matters you may not be aware of, and we do not record individual results, so please use them to help you learn.

Basic Family Law Quiz

Shared Residence Quiz

Parenthood and Parental Responsibility Quiz

Leave to Remove Quiz

Intractable Contact Dispute Quiz

International Family Law Quiz

Advanced Family Law Quiz

McKenzie Friend Quiz

Please share our quizzes with your friends and colleagues. If you find yourself struggling, we give the answers at the end, and there’s our Family Law App to help you research and learn. Detailed text books can cost hundreds of pounds. Paperbacks are often out-of-date before they hit the shelves. Our app is constantly updated, and growing. It’s free!

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If you’re a family law related organisation or charity, you may wish to download our quizzes to use as learning or evaluation tools for your staff and volunteers. Do you know how good their knowledge is? More quizzes are coming, but try these now.

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