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Four ‘freepacks’ are back up on our site, and with content available to download now:

  • Mediation – Including our guide, the National Mediation Council’s leaflet on mediation and form FM1
  • Dyslexia and Family Court – Including our guide and checklist of reasonable adjustments
  • Paternity Testing – Including our guide on paternity testing and court forms
  • Stress and Wellbeing – Including our guides on Managing Stress and Helping Children Cope

We offer 100 free online guides as well as court forms, draft court orders and case law which form part of our family law app. This content runs to over 1.5million words. Over 100 court judgments are included, and formatted as pdf files for download and printing.

We’ve 7 online family law quizzes currently available, and three can be downloaded for training purposes (including both questions and answers):


Learning Difficulties, Disadvantage and Family Law


A new study looks at the experience of solicitors representing adults with learning difficulties in care proceedings. The study relates to UK proceedings (in case there’s any confusion about the author of the article being based in Australia).

Read the article: Parents with learning disabilities: Solicitors critical of assumptions and prejudice in the system

We won’t repeat the article but recommend you read it and we’ll move on to matters relating to litigants-in-person with specific learning difficulties in private family law proceedings. Continue reading Learning Difficulties, Disadvantage and Family Law