Why are shared care arrangements good for children? Why must the courts address parental alienation? Why is leave to remove invariably not in a child’s best interests? Why are overnights not harmful for very young children? Why is the traditional model of alternate weekend contact arrangements insufficient as a post separation child arrangements model? Why does the UK have the unhappiest children in the developed world? Why didn’t the Government go for a presumption of shared parenting when reforming the Children Act (see Professor Parkinson’s speech on this latter question)?

The answers are in a wide body of research which should (but does not) form the basis of policy on post-separation child arrangements. If it did, shared parenting arrangements would be the norm.

For too long UK family law policy has been informed by outdated and discredited research put forward by vested interest lobbying groups. It really is time for change… but don’t take our word for it… read the research!

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