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I’ll no doubt be writing a fair amount in the coming months about the Human Rights Act and the Government’s plans to abolish it. It’s important. Two of the rights in the Act are fundamental to family law… the right to family life, and the right to a fair hearing. The Custody Minefield was created to give the ordinary man or woman a chance to find fairness when dealing with the courts, judiciary, social services and CAFCASS. Our support for the Human Rights Act should come as no surprise. Without it, the world is a scarier place. Continue reading Your Human Rights Act – Get Involved


The End of the Human Rights Act? Be very afraid

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Yesterday, the Law Society expressed an intention to lobby the Government to reverse plans to abolish the Human Rights Act.

Some of the more right wing press would have you believe that the Human Rights Act is an evil, foisted upon us by Brussels. It’s purpose portrayed as allowing terrorists and would be terrorists to remain in the UK housed and fed at tax payer expense. Perhaps for 0.001% of people. For you, me, and everyone else, it protects (among other things) our right to a fair hearing, access to justice, a prohibition from torture, prohibition from slavery, a right to life, a right to privacy and family life. Why on earth would the Government have a problem with this? Continue reading The End of the Human Rights Act? Be very afraid