Karen Woodall – BACP Sanction Compliance Notice Published

We make this announcement following an invitation from Karen Woodall’s solicitors to announce details of her compliance with the sanction made against her by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

The details of the hearing, decision and sanction were published by the BACP in July 2015 with the decision of the Panel being “Accordingly, the Panel was unanimous in its decision that these findings amounted to professional malpractice on the grounds of recklessness and the provision of inadequate professional services in that the service for which Ms Woodall provided fell below the standard that would reasonably be expected of a practitioner exercising reasonable care and skill.”

Details of the complaint and decision of the BACP were linked with our original piece on this matter, also published in July 2015. The BACP removes details of hearings and decisions from their website once the sanctions set out by the Association have been complied with. The BACP then post a notice of compliance which is published for a minimum two month period.

The sanction set out by the BACP required Ms Woodall to write a submission which evidenced her immediate reflections on, learning from and understanding of the issues raised within the complaint. Additionally, she was required to attend a CPD course of a minimum of 1 day’s duration (the course to cover working within closely contracted and negotiated boundaries). Further to attendance on the course, Ms Woodall was to write a report demonstrating her learning.

In May 2016 the BACP posted a sanction compliance notice on their site announcing they were satisfied that the requirements of the sanction have been met. That notice can be viewed here.


Parental alienation counsellor Karen Woodall sanctioned for malpractice


The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) has published findings of professional malpractice in respect of Karen Woodall, a therapist specialising in work with families where parental alienation is a factor. The BACP is the UK’s largest professional body representing 40,000 counsellor/therapist members.

Parts of the complaint (upheld) relate to Ms Woodall providing a written assessment on the family including opinion that the child ‘is suffering from…’ and ‘I make this diagnosis…’ when she had not in fact met the child at that time. Other findings relate to a lack of clarity in respect of fees and the nature of services offered. Continue reading Parental alienation counsellor Karen Woodall sanctioned for malpractice