BBC Panorama – Problems for Litigants in Person


If you missed the Panorama programme last night, you can still view it here.

Is it news? Not really. The problems existed years ago for those who couldn’t afford a solicitor, and who didn’t qualify for legal aid. The difference today is simply there are more people affected following further cuts.

Unlike the Government, whose solution was to come up with an online service which doesn’t work (see Government help for separating parents… does not compute) while stripping virtually all support from separating parents, we provide detailed family law guides designed for litigants-in-person and charity staff supporting them. Three years in development, covering family law in depth, and taking litigants through the legal process, step-by-step, stage-by-stage.

The most detailed series of family law guides available for litigants-in-person… by a mile!

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