Government help for separating parents… does not compute


We thought we’d have a look at other resources online today. We tried the Government’s flagship “Sorting Out Separation Guide“. Things didn’t go well.

Firstly… we thought we’d be Dad, prevented from seeing his children after separation, needing information about what to do. Hopeful, we hit the button, and this was the results page…


Maybe we were asking too complex questions. So we tried again. A quick sex change, and we were a well adjusted Mother (coping reasonably well), over 19, with children without special needs, just wanting legal information about post separation child arrangements and being unable to afford a solicitor and of course, not qualifying for legal aid. Again, we hit the button…

Error… does not compute…


… but at least we got consistency! Government policy reflected in their software.

If you need help, we have something which does work. 1.5million words of practical, step-by-step, stage-by-stage guides. Tested, used by thousands, and built by people who have extensive experience of helping parents who simply cannot afford the services of a solicitor in austerity hit Britain. Parents who don’t have several thousand pounds spare in the bank. Normal people, in an abnormal situation.

Our new 5 minute video guide explains how to find information via our working family law app.