New Blog Categories and Hairy Owls


blogsearchWe launched our new blog on 19th April 2015, incorporating it into our main site. Old articles and announcements can still be viewed on the blogspot site.

As the number of articles increase, we want content to be easily accessible for you, so in addition to:

  • The front page of our site highlighting the three most recent articles;
  • Our blog page showing you the ten most recent articles;
  • Our newsletter highlighting recent articles by email (you can subscribe via any of our new blog pages);
  • A dedicated search tool within our blog (found in the right hand column on our main blog page);

…we’ve now added a facility where you can search our blog by Category. You’ll find this option in the right hand column on any of our new blog pages. Give it a try!

Why the hairy owl with the pen? It’s our graphic artist’s attempt at humour. My eyebrows really aren’t that bushy!