Supporting the Children’s Society Seriously Awkward Campaign


We’ve just had a request to share details of the Children’s Society Seriously Awkward Campaign.

The Children’s Society are looking to strengthen child protection laws to better safeguard 16-17 year olds from sexual exploitation and abuse. The Children’s Society is recommending:

  • The Government must give police the same tools to intervene when a 16 or 17 year old is being targeted and groomed for exploitation as younger children.
  • Clear guidance must be put in place so professionals such as police, teachers, social workers and NHS staff can all identify a 16 or 17 year old as a victim of sexual exploitation and work together to put support and protection in place.
  • Older teenagers who experience this awful trauma must receive urgent mental health support so they can stay safe and rebuild their lives.

Details concerning the campaign can be found via the link below:

Old Enough to Know Better?

Please support the campaign. Follow the link below which tells you how:

Seriously Awkward Campaign