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Welcome to our Basic Family Law Quiz. Answers are given at the end, and references to case law, legislation and procedure rules where relevant.

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1) How long do child arrangements orders normally last?

2) If I am named in a child arrangements order as someone with whom the child lives, can I take my child abroad on holiday for 45 days?

3) Having a residence order or child arrangements order naming me as the person with whom the child lives gives me the right to change the child's surname...

4) Under which of the following circumstances would you normally need to ask the court's permission to apply for contact with a child (via a child arrangements order)

5) Under which of the following circumstances would a child arrangements order automatically end?

6) A court will only consider making an order for shared living arrangements if the child spends half of their time with each parent. Is this...

7) Which form would normally be used to apply for a parental responsibility order?

8) Posting details of your family court case on social media is?

9) Shared living arrangements (called shared residence before residence orders were replaced by child arrangements orders in April 2014), cannot be made if one parent is hostile to the idea. Is this?

10) You disagree with your ex-partner's choice of school. You wish the court to resolve the matter. You should apply for...