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Welcome to our Parenthood and Parental Responsibility Quiz. The quiz is intended to assist those involved in family law in identifying areas of learning and development. Answers are given at the end along with links to relevant guides to assist you.

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1) How many legal parents may a child have?

2) What is the maximum number of adults who may hold legal parental responsibility for a child?

3) In which of the following circumstances will the Local Authority gain parental responsibility for a child?

4) The court can now award parental responsibility to a father as part of a child arrangements order which grants contact, without the need for a separate parental responsibility order. Is this true or false?

5) A sperm donor is never a legal parent for a child. Is this true or false?

6) Jane wants a baby. She enters into a surrogacy arrangement with Wendy to carry the child to term. Sue donates an egg which is artificially inseminated and placed in Wendy's womb. Which of the three women is the child's legal parent at birth?

7) Wendy, the surrogate mother, is not biologically related to the child. She entered into a contract with Jane before the child was conceived and agreed to give up the child to Jane after the birth. Wendy decides, when the child is born she doesn't want to give the child to Jane and wishes to bring up the child herself. Can she change her mind?

8) Parental responsibility imparts a duty to financially provide for a child. Is this true or false?

9) Which of the following automatically have parental responsibility for a child?

10) A special guardian may take children abroad for how long, without the consent of each other holder of parental responsibility or an order from the court?

11) Step-parents acquire parental responsibility for children when they marry the child's mother or father. Is this..?

12) Where a couple have a child involving donor insemination (on or after April 2009), the birth mother’s partner can be named on the birth certificate as the other parent if married to or in a civil partnership with the mother at the time of conception. Is this..?

13) Which rights and obligations are not automatically granted to or imposed upon those who are legal parents?